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About Me

My name is Kamal Sachindra Prasad. I am a leo born in the Fiji Islands. I moved to the U.S. in 1993 and went to high school here during my junior and senior years. After that, I went to Chabot Junior College for a few years where I took classes like American Sign Language, Photography, Archery, Racquetball, Philosophy and a whole bunch of other stuff. I got my Associates in Arts Degree in General Education as well as another A. A. Degree this time in Math and a Associates in Science Degree in Physics. I started a fairly successful environmental awareness club and served as the student body president before transferring to University of California at Santa Cruz where I got a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics with minors in Astronomy and Education.

After graduation, I got a job teaching at a high school. I was in a teacher internship program, i.e. learning how to be a teacher while teaching. It wasn't as easy as I thought it was going to be. If anyone thinks they can skip the teacher credential program, I would recommend that you think twice. I quit teaching after the first year (I was ready to quit two weeks into the job but my dear friend, Margaret and I made a promise to each other to hang in there for at least a year) due to my lack of experience and the state of the school system. I do not regret doing this and I think I learned more from this experience than any of the students in my class.

After that I worked as a computer technician for a while. The main thing I did during this time was to write and publish a children's science picture book about gravity. That was also a great experience. I switched from being a computer technician at one company to being a computer technician/software analyst at another

I have also worked for the NASA Education and Public Outreach group at Sonoma State University where I helped manage project websites, create educational materials based on NASA's high-energy astrophysics satellites and write a weekly web-comic entitled Epo's Chronicles that is part sci-fi and part science education. 

Since early 2009, I have also become very active in environmental and animal rights activism. I spend my free time catching up on the latest technology news, writing, developing film scripts, reading and playing video games.

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