Why a third party is the best bet for progressives and liberals.

UPDATE 3: I guess I was wrong. Hopefully, Obama will be a better president the second time around.

UPDATE 2: Americans Elect did not reach the support they hoped to gain, so will not have a candidate in the 2012 Presidential Election. Therefore, if you call yourself a liberal or progressive, consider voting for Jill Stein or Rocky Anderson, whoever has the higher media presence. I say higher media presence because their political views are similarly aligned and voting for the one without the media presence will split the true liberal votes. Whatever you do, stay away from the two dominant dumber and dumber candidates.

UPDATE: Soon after I wrote this post, I was made aware of Americans Elect, a organization that is creating the first nonpartisan presidential nomination in U.S. history where citizens choose candidates based on issues that matter to them. Check it out at http://www.americanselect.org/.

To all the Obama apologists out there, answer me this question, is the country better off now than when Obama was sworn in as president?

Don't give me BS answers like, how much worse it would be under the alternative because that is not what happened. In 2008, he was the right choice, but is he still the right choice for 2012? Do you support the war on Libya (and the reasons why we aren't in Bahrain and Syria)? Do you approve of the extension of the Bush tax cuts that he signed into law? Are you OK with Obama saying he will close Guantanamo but hasn't? Are you OK with the drone strikes in Pakistan that kills more innocents than terrorists? Are you OK with Obama administrations treatment of Bradley Manning who exposed the war atrocities of the U.S. military? Are you OK with asking immigrants to support Obama, whose administration oversees ICE and is responsible for rounding up and deporting more "illegals" than Bush?

We cannot blame the republican'ts hindering Obama's efforts because that only showcases Obama's failures as a leader. Don't dodge the question. If you think the country is better off now than when he took office, by all means, continue supporting Obama. If it isn't, why continue a broken system?

Some Obama apologists will say that we have failed him, by not keeping the pressure on him to do the job he had promised to do when he was still a candidate. If I needed to supervise every action of an employee I hired, what is the point in hiring the person in the first place. Obama is the lazy employee who requires constant supervision. He padded his resume to say that he could do things he couldn't, to get the job and now is unable to perform his duties unless we are looking over his shoulder each step of the way?

Most people who had never voted before but did vote for Obama because of his message of hope and change are disappointed in his performance. They are unlikely to vote for him again. They will, however, consider a strong third party as is being discussed more and more in liberal circles.

Obama apologists have already shown that they are willing to compromise their values by continuing to support a president who has capitulated since the very beginning on the simplest issues, even those he had direct control over. If Obama apologists want to ensure that a right-wing nut does not win the Whitehouse in 2012, they would do well to throw in with those who are looking to build a strong third party one that will bring real change, not just talk about it; because no matter what else happens, this much is guaranteed, Obama will not be the president come January 20, 2013. 

Because all republicans will support the moron their party picks to run against Obama. And true liberals have too much integrity to continue supporting a broken system. 

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